The Theatre

The functionalist theatre building has been a part of the Brno Exhibition Centre since 1928. Since its construction, it has been used as a theatre, and also as a cinema and congress hall. Concerts and fashion shows have been held there, and for several years it was even the seat of the crop exchange. The theatre café underwent changes over time, too, serving for many years as a restaurant during trade fairs. Yet the theatre has been closed for many years and, despite repeated attempts, it has not been restored or resumed operation.

The Association

The Association of the Theatre at the Exhibition Centre was established in 2019 with the goal of revitalising the unused theatre on the grounds of the Brno Exhibition Centre. Anyone who is interested in the restoration of the theatre and would like to contribute to it according to their ability can become a member of the Association. In the initial phase, the preparation of construction documents for the renovation is now underway, and the Association has begun to organize the first events in the theatre and develop activities that, in the future, will form the basis of the renovated theatre’s programme.